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Tips Before Going On A Holiday..

Salam Sejahtera..Hi there friends from Malaysia and beyond.

First let me CONGRATULATE the winner to a holiday question in my previous post.She got herself a 3/2 nights stay in Pangkor island for two all paid for inclusive of brekfast,lunch and dinner.She is,Cik Intan Safrina Abu Bakar of  Muar,Johore,ID no 00106.There are more holiday vouchers to be given out and all you have to do is to answer the question CORRECTLY and email or SMS them to me.Note,please state your ID number and only those who are registered in the quiz programme is eligible to participate.View question shortly.   

Recently i was out with a couple of friends over some teh tarik at the usual mamak stall in Ampang.A friend of mine was so excited on going for a holiday soon.He kept on telling us what he wanted to bring for the trip.By the looks of it,i`m very sure he`ll have to pay excess baggage for his flight and its going to be troublesome for him to get in and out of a boat that will take him to that island.Anyway..its an island holiday in East Malaysia with a wet landing as we called it once you reach the island.

Tips 1.Things To Do Before Going On A Holiday..

If you are employed,make sure you are free of any assignments,meetings and reporting so as to enjuy the true meaning of holidaying.

Book your holidays several months in advance especially when the destination is highly popular among local and foreign tourists.

Select and book a destination according to your budget.Search for the best deals at travel fairs and exhibitions.

Note,those mentioned above is what i normally practice.For further tips on what and what not to bring before going for a holiday do visit my blug again soon.

Question.(3/2 nights stay in Kuala Terengganu City Tour for Two)

Which city gets the most rainfall in Malaysia?

Send your answers to my email or you can SMS me before May 17th 2010.Please do not forget to state your id number.

Take care and thank you.

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