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Tips Before Going On A Holiday 2..

Salam Sejahtera And Hello To All..Before we go to the second part of Tips Before Going On A Holiday,i would like to CONGRATULATE the LUCKY WINNER on my previous tourism question.He is En Mohammad Saad Bin Shuib,ID number 00223.3/2nights to Kuala Terengganu + City Tour + Meals.

Would you like to be the LUCKY WINNER  like En Mohammad and the rest who has won holiday vouchers??Do continue reading and answer the question shortly.Not to worry,its an EASY QUESTION..The FREE holiday voucher will be,a 3/2nights  stay in Malacca+City Tour+Meals for two person.(GUARANTEED) Ok,lets get back to the tips i mentioned earlier.Nak gi holiday kan...ada baiknya kita membuat beberapa persedian terlebih dahulu.

Tips 2 Before Going On A Holiday..

After you have identified the type of holiday that you want to go for and got the best bargain/offer for it,book as soon as possible.Remember the type of holidays will depend on the things you`d plan to bring along.Clothings,toiletries,footwear,medications and probably equipments for a specific holiday,example nature,fishing,scuba,boating or even island hopping.

Do make a point to find out about the place you wanted to spend the holiday.Find contacts who`s from the area or get it in the web.

Ok for now and on my next post,i`ll guide you more on what and what not to bring before going on a holiday..Please view question and be the lucky winner(For registered members only)


Where Is The First Lake Garden In Malaysia?
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Please submit the answer to my mobile phone or email with your ID number before 1st June 2010.

Thank You..Take Care..ASSALAMUALAIKUM.

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